“I came to Columbus after apprenticing  with a puppet theater in Vermont. In my mind I had hoped to help bring a different idea of puppets with light, love, laughter and collaboration as the main components. I soon after met Heidi at a sci-fi puppet challenge where I was asked to participate and immediately become infatuated with her work.

Over the past couple years I have seen this work grow and develop and have even aided in offering lessons of life, joy, empathy, and love to the Columbus community who has been opened to it.
The nameless characters that Heidi has created enable the individual inside to discover what they feel is within the puppet itself. The ability to take on our own persona and act as we see fit within these pieces is a beautiful and liberating experience!
To showcase these whimsically chaotic pieces in a typically structured environment simply sounded like a blast! It was! Now I can mark “born a love-bunny by a giant heart in a fashion show” off my bucket list. ” ~ Abby Nelson


“Open Heart creatures are artistic, expressful, whimsical experiences. Open Heart Creatures are my confidence boosters. Every time I put on a body puppet, my confidence increases and my love and passion for life increases! Open Heart creatures have changed my life forever!”

~Lotte Brewer

“Openheartcreatures are a surprise reminder to explore, create, challenge, laugh, dance, and play. they are a gentle nudging towards greater self-expression, judgment-free communication, and open understanding. they are a moment of uninhibited love, and random kindness. as a parent, openheartcreatures inspire my daughter and i to learn and laugh at the same time. we ♥ openheart!”

~ Courtney Jacobs

“They are the bomb and they mean everything”

~Doug Carmack

“To me, Openheartartcreature body puppets are a delight to see and be around and experience. Sheer joy and uplift.”

~Amy Phillips-Gary”

“When I first saw them I thought they were the accumulation of every imaginary friend….childhood far away place….and dream. They are, to me, what we are taught as adults to not believe in anymore. They are wonderful.”

~Jenny Maple Ellis

3 responses

  1. Court Riley

    I am a visual artist. when i do my work, i am usually by myself. I just so happen to be frequently surrounded by musicians , which are really another version of performing artists. as a regular audience member, i often found myself admiring their craft, but thinking to myself ‘i could never do that’. getting kind of thrown in to an openheart creatures event, i still believed i wasn’t a ‘performer’…that i would simply wear a bird head and go through the motions. however, something happened when i put on a body puppet. i suddenly felt more ME than ever. i felt protected by such a change to my appearance, but still very much present in my own identity. i felt confident enough to let all insecurities go and just feel…whatever i wanted. openheart creatures can give you a life changing experience. i hope everyone gets that opportunity.

    January 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm

  2. Emily Mattingly

    I go to the Learning Through Play Conference at the Cincinnati Museum Center every year. This year I decided to take the “Erasing the Bully” session with Open Heart Creatures. It was truly wonderful. The best session this conference has offered since it’s conception. The content was relatable to the kids in the audience and was poingant and thought provoking for the adults. It brought tears of joy and tears of past sadness to my eyes (in a good way!!). The whole experience was uplifting and supportive. Come back next year! Please!

    March 11, 2013 at 1:17 pm

  3. Emily,
    Thank you so much! It was great to share tears of many with you on this very magical day. Your encouraging words inspire me and give me courage to keep going. I hope to see you soon and share empathy glasses again. much love on erasing the bully behavior to expose the love we were all born with.

    March 13, 2013 at 4:10 am

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