Creature Sightings ~

2014 Schedule

January 25th ~ OpenheartCreatures donates 2 traveling mural paintings for
Wisdom of the Heart an annual fundraiser for the Columbus Jewish Day School

February 14th-Hearts United,for One Billion Rising
A V-day Celebration at 730 Bellows Ave. Franklinton Downtown Columbus Ohio 43222
You will find OpenheartCreatures as dancing hearts and love birds to support this rising of our connected ONE heart.
Please join us at this event from 4-6pm

March 20th- CAW mentor show at Fort Hayes shot tower gallery. Openheartcreatures collaborates with their two young artist interns. Matthew McVay age 14 and Cellissa Woods age 18
This performance will merge visual art with sound art using a large Boom Box body puppet.

March 21 – Opennheartcreatures joined Honey For The Heart at The Creative Foundation in Marysville for a parade with the body puppets.

March 23 – OpenHeartCreatures mask making workshop for kids 7-13 at OpenHeartART studio.

April 24-28 – OpenHeartCreatures travels to Toronto, Canada to join artist group Universe Universe with 30 body puppets to perform in a parade, Occupy Your Heart.

May 22 – OpenHeartCreatures featured in Bexley student documentary about creativity, exhibition at the Drexel Theater.

May 16 – OpenHeartCreatures body puppets joins Indianola Informal k-8 carnival.

May 30 – OpenHeartCreatures participates in anti-bullying benefit Art + Drag for Michael at Circus.

June 16 – OpenHeartCreatures performs a piece on kindness at Columbus Main Library’s downtown location.

June 21 – OpenHeartCreatures body puppets and art car takes to the streets with Columbus’ Pride Parade.

June 27, 28, 29 – OpenheartCreatures performs at Columbus, Ohio’s very own Community Festival. Join Openheartcreatures for our 5th annual Live Arts Stage Performance Saturday 28th 2:20pm
Be on the lookout for other sightings of our large body puppets dancing and parading about throughout the festival weekend.

July 4 – OpenHeartCreatures body puppets and art car participates in The Doo-Dah Parade

July 19 – OpenHeartCreatures joining Movement Activities Concert: Mass and Volume, a concert of alternative movement and aerial dance. 400 W Rich St event space. 7pm, ticket $5, Standing Room Only, $2.

September 14 – OpenHeartCreatures dress-up workshop at The Cincinnati Museum of Art , 2pm.

October 25- OpenHeartCreatures joins Athens Halloween Parade.

2013 Schedule

January 26th-Grateful Dead Tribute show at Woodlands Tavern~Columbus, OH

March 3nd-Learning Through Play Conference~ Cincinnati, Ohio Children’s Museum~  Bully Eraser Performance with music By David  Kisor

April 6th~ OpenheartCreatures, Heidi Madsen and Heidi Kambitsch bring a painting by Wallace alive with a 2 person body puppet named “Gus” through a interaction, play, clowning and puppetry.  Music by Mr. Roger’s Remix “Garden of your Mind”

May 5th – Bully Eraser ~ Love Replacer.  Columbes Museum of Art

May 9th~ Openheartcreature body puppet “giant pizza” and “Pilgrim Princess Boy” join Columbus’s Pecha Kucha #25 as supporting puppets for 2 presenters.

May 10th ~ OpenheartCreatues body puppet “Pilgrim Princess boy” will be joining

Indianola’s k-8 Carnival passing out hearts and sharing his Art Car.

May 11th ~ Join OpenheartCreatures for 3 “Wild Mask” making workshops for the whole family

1-4pm ending with 3 parades throughout the galleries at The Columbus Museum of Art. Connector Series.

May 17th ~Bully Eraser~ Love Replacer  .  Indianola Informal k-8 school

3 perfomances  

9:15-10 am (for students and teachers)

11-12pm  (for students and teachers)

6:30 – 7:30 pm  ( for parents, families, and open to public)

June 6~ Join Openheartcreature as they join an Alternative fashion design show 8pm

June 8~ Openheartcreatures on the runway ~ Alternative Fashion Mob GRAND finale

June 28, 29, 30thCOMFEST! ~ Columbus, Ohio’s very own Community Festival. Join Openheartcreatures for our 4th annual Live Arts Stage  Performance, and be on the lookout for other sightings as well….

July 4          DooDah Parade! 

August 4       4-7pm Bully Eraser~ Love Replacer  Fund Raiser ILLIO studio space  13 East Tulane                                     Ave. Columbus Ohio 43202

August 18     A Rainbow of Vegetables  1 Hour Workshop, 1 Hour Performance, Sunday 2pm-4pm

 This offering will focus on how good one feels after eating a ‘rainbow’ of fruits and vegetables. During the workshop, participants will create masks of different varieties of fruits and vegetables which will then be used in a performance demonstrating the colors of the rainbow based on the colors represented in those masks. The workshop and performance will build off the books “How Are You Peeling? Foods with Moods” by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers, and “The Way I Feel” by Janan Cain.  Improv storytelling will be used throughout the performance, incorporating the children’s responses about eating healthy foods that were prompted during the workshop.

Click on the link below to learn more about this AMAZING festival!


 September 27~ “Bully Eraser ~ Love Replacer” performance joins Mifflin Middle School.
Three exciting  performances  for each grade  (6, 7, and 8th) Erasing Bully Behavior with hundreds of hearts. Our heart is what we all have. Our heart is our greatest instrument of change.
October 19  ~  “Stand Tall or Stand small”  a body puppet performance on stilts about standing up for yourself and holding confidence in your walk. Cincinnati Museum of Art
October 25 – Openheartcreature, Heidi Kambitsch will be working  with a team of puppeteers operating  two 15 ft giant skeleton puppets created by artist extraordinaire Bruce Hanner at
INTERACT with these puppets at HIGHBALL  Short North Columbus
October 25th and October 26th.
December 14 ~ Columbus Museum of ART’s ALL day open house for the brand new Family Wonder room.  50 handmade costumes created by Heidi Kambitsch will be on display for play. Come meet the artist, explore the new space and pretend. Prepare to open your imaginations and become a wicked wild creature !

2012 Schedule

February 17th~ Game show at the Columbus Art Museum featuring OpenheartCreatures! Come play + be a contestant.

February 25th-  A fun family, interactive afternoon at the Gateway Film center on High street, featuring music by The Shazzbots

February 25th – Heidi Kambitsch will be in body puppet

as a costume judge for this Mardi Gras Party! 8pm-midnight.!/events/185736448200334/

March 3rd~Learning Through Play conference

Cincinnati Museum Center~ Openheartcreatures

Experience how we learn through a Play Parade designed for ages 3 and up.

April 1~ APRIL FOOL’S!!! In spirit of such a festival holiday, Open Heart Creatures will be performing, and partying at the April “fools” party

May 12~ Agora 9 arts festival, where OHC will be creating an interactive body puppet with the community, as well as debut the latest addition to our family : A new art car! 

March 22nd~ CAW (Creative Arts of Women) Creating our History “Offspring” performance. Openheartcreatures with Heidi Madsen. 6-8pm Fort Hayes Columbus Ohio

May 18th ~  Open Heart Creatures set up an interactive photo booth at Indianola Alternative’s annual Carnival 5-8pm, and performing with “Captain Captain” from the Shazzbots!

June 15~ Open Heart Creatures will be at the Wall Street pride celebration. Where Heidi Kambistch will be debuting a new “Muppet Man” performance

June 16~  Open Heart Creatures will for the second year in a row, will be creating and performing at the “What You Will Festival”

June 23 ~  For another year, Open Heart Creatures will be performing at Columbus’ Comfest, at 1:50pm, on the Live Arts Stage. There we will incorporate Agrabatic yoga, in our “Creature Birth”.

July 4th ~  Open Heart Creatures will be teaming up with Portia, local raw food guru, and making a series of Veggie body puppets, to be debuted at the  29th annual Doo Dah parade

July 15th~  Open Heart Creatures will be playing, and dancing with “The Famous Johnson Brothers” as part as the Goodale Music Series

August 11-Inspiration “Minifestation” children’s event & Inspriation Manifestation with Kickin’ It Crew @ Rumba Cafe~ Columbus, OH

August 12th ~ Open Heart Creatures will be performing with “Mary Adam 12” as part of the Goodale Music series

August 17, 18, 19-Openheartcreatures performs at Rootwire Festival w/the  Kickin’ It crew in the Jelly Dome

August 25thUrban Scrawl. Come see Heidi paint during this 2 day urban arts festival!

September 8th- Hot times festival 2012-Kids Parade with The Art Car!

September 29th-Princess Boy Performance~ Indiana (video coming soon)

October 2012-Art Installation @ Brother’s Drake~ Heidi has transformed not only the doorway through the meadery, but wait until you see the bathroom!

November 18th-11am & 2pm Come see our performance “Walk Like yourself” on attitude with gratitude to begin to erase the bully.

Heidi Kambitsch & Heidi Madsen & openheartcreatures body puppets!

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

December 8th-CAW  small works show at Ray’s Living Room Gallery

2011 Schedule

June 9. 10. 11. What You Will Fest. ~Delaware OH

June 18. Pride march~ Columbus OH

June 24. 25. 26. Comfest~ Columbus OH

July 4 Doo Dah Parade~ Columbus OH

July 10 Goodale Park Music Series: Happy Chichester photos~& click happy details

July 15th Absolutely Absurd~Ohio Art League fundraiser~ Columbus OH~ facebook Absolutely Absurd~ Shutterhead photos

July 24~31 Bird Invasion project ~ Toronto Canada

August 13 6:00pm – August 14 at 1:00am beautyofmyland presents– the gift of freedom @ Brothers Drake… live Openheartcreature performance.

August 14th Goodale park summer music series. Live Openheartcreature body puppet improv & dance. August 19th Bustown music presents~ ~ featuring live Openheartcreature body puppet performance at Skully’s Short North Columbus!

August 21 Goodale park summer music series. with Openheartcreatures live body puppet improv!

August 27 beautyofmyland presents- beneath the blues @ Brothers Drake Openheartcreature Heidi becomes a blank canvas body puppet to live blues. Painted toes and noses danced on this giant floor of white

September 10 Openheartcreatures space ship time travels lands 3 creatures in the back yard birthday party of 25+ five and six year olds!

September 10 Hot times festival with Hairplane and OHcreatures! dance / crowd interaction performance

September 17 Independents Day Festival with OpenheartCreatures flying in for feet painting balance improv & head stand hip hop monster dance.

October 1 Openheartcreatures returns to Toronto to perform at Nuit Blanche a 24 hour art party throughout the city

October 8 Openheartcreature’s haunted spider web booth along the bike path in Clintonville near Como-Clinton for Market to Market Pirates & Zombies Bike event ~complete with creature puppets on bikes.

October 14 Openheartcreature’s Giant Yeti body puppet comes to life at the Columbus Art Museum’s Game show.

October 27 & November 4 Openheartcreatures performs with Beautyofmyland & Mas Bagua for Traumaevent ~ Bluestone downtown Columbus

Dec 1 Openheartcreature will be greeting you at the door! Inspiration Manifestation~Expect something new made out of old. This be an inspiring event FUR sure:)

Dec 2 Openheartcreatures performs a interactive raw exchange story exploring the act of giving and receiving perspective. “Do you see what I see?” Celebrating Delaware City Art Center~ Gallery ONE year anniversary!!!!!

Dec 3 Openheartcreatures performs at YELP in Toyland Christmas party at Bluestone. ..

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