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We would love to be invited to your next Birthday party or event! We specialize in opening the realms of imagination and play through storytelling, dance, games, and interactive improv body puppet movement. We bring your ideas to life! 100. per body puppet per hour plus 50.  mileage, set up & clean up Contact us if you’re looking for a unique event feature that will create an everlasting experience !

Beckett’s 5th birthday party, performance by some open hearted space creatures

Open Heart Creatures recently made a trip to a land even exotic to US. We made a trip to outerspace, with the mission to deliver Beckett Long, a newly 5 year old creature, a happy intergalactical birthday party. The day started bright and early when I (Lotte Brewer, OHC intern) and Heidi rode our bikes all over clintonville, looking for a mighty fun spaceship. Thanks to our neighborhood Lowes, we used a refrigarator box and not one, but six rolls of aluminium foil to master this silver rocket! Later joined by Angela Wiexel, we loaded up the fuzzymobile and headed off to Bexley. There we enjoyed Beckett and his other creature friends, face painting, wild dancing, story telling and interactive play with our creatures (played by Angela and Lotte) who got lost and couldn’t find their way home to the planet Dallas, Texas (where our birthday boy was born).

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  1. Kate McCartney

    I am at the Marsyville Public Library in Marysville Ohio. Could you please tell me a little more about the programs that you could offer to Libraries?

    January 18, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    • Hi There,
      Yes, We are a creative group and love to bring the ideas of others to life.
      I am currently in the process of finalizing packages to offer schools/ library. Some ideas we have are:
      ~storytelling with body puppets, hand puppets, finger puppets interactive with music.
      (currently using books already written, and future months we’d like to add our own stories) topic depending on what you/audience need.
      ~make your own puppet workshops.
      ~pretend play – learning through play workshops with adults/kids.
      I’d love to brainstorm more with you and your library, Thank you for your interest in OpenheartCreatures.<3

      January 20, 2012 at 6:31 pm

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