Hi I’m Cellissa, I’m 18 and I’m from The Graham School. I’m a interning with Heidi to get a new view of the theater.  For the next 8 weeks I will be working on body puppets with Heidi  for a mentor CAW show opening March 20th, 2014 stay tune for more information on this show.
 I will sometimes be helping out with the children of OpenheartART during the day but my main focus is on OpenHeart Creature Body puppets. I will be here on Tues. and Thursday from 10 am- 5:30 pm and on Weds. from 10 am-3 pm.
 Cellissa Woods
Still doesn’t know what to do
So here she is at
OpenHeartCreatures to explore
something knew
To challenge herself and open
her mind
To a whole new world
She enjoys music
Loves to sing
and try’s everyday
to stay positive
She lives to


Meet the Faces under the Puppets!

Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch


Pilgrim likes to sew puppets. Hand puppets, finger puppets and HEAD puppets. Heidi likes to use the puppets for artistic play spreading kindness and free fearless self expression.  With the collaboration of these amazing performers below defenses can drop making room for the audience and Open Heart Creatures to experience raw feelings connecting the pulse of our opening hearts with real tears and laughter. This movement creates dialogue for positive shift, acceptance, and empathy.

Rachel Rowen


Rachel November Butterfly

Mother, Teacher, Artist, Student of Life

Performer, laugher, dancer, smiler

Painter, Photographer, Problem-Solver, Traveler

Lover of Mountains and trees, ponds and lakes, oceans and waterfalls, bugs and birds, dogs and hawks,

books, bikes, and music

guitar and singing, reading with coffee on the porch

Everything is possible.

Full of Love.

Full of Peirogies.

Heidi Madsen


Performance Artist. Clown. Drag King. Playwright. In 1996, the birth year of Toe B. (short for big toe), I slid across the stage as Tom Cruise in tighty-whities, a striped oxford, tube socks and sunglasses lip-synching to Bob Seeger’s “That Old Time Rock and Roll”. Since then, I’ve been sliding across the stage as a drag king and gender activist to smear the rigid and socially constructed boundaries between sex, gender and sexuality. As a prominent artist in the community, I serve on the steering committee of the Columbus Creative Arts of Women (CAW). My involvement with Open Heart Creatures is creating thought-provoking performance art. We all fall somewhere on the continuum of gender and sometimes we get hurt.  “Offspring”, our current project, is a collaborative performance of clowning and body puppetry that depicts how we learn traditional gender roles and the consequences of not following them. Both clowning and puppetry are gender neutral; therefore, the audience shows up unarmed with any expectation of how these characters should act. In this powerful space, the clown and the puppet have license to expose the truth that each individual is a unique combination of gender traits that fall somewhere between masculine and feminine.

Lotte Brewer


Meet OHC teen intern, Lotte Brewer. For the past year and a half, Lotte has been performing, teaching, and managing the websites for Open Heart Creatures. She first engaged with Open Heart Creatures at a body puppet workshop last year, and found an instant connection with the organization. She is currently a 10th grader at the Wellington school, where she just got awarded as one of the top artists of the school year. She is also engaged in extra curriculars such as swim team, dive team, softball team, costumes for the school plays, and being part of her school’s Gay Straight Alliance. She says her favorite part of Open Heart Creatures is “The interactions with kids. Seeing their bright shining faces makes my day.”

David Ike


David Ike is an artist and humanitarian photographer who strives to capture the spirit of the human condition with visual storytelling.
David’s mission is to be a visual voice to individuals, families, and charitable organizations that make a positive impact in our world.


Matthew Dyer


Matthew Dyer makes a mess
It’s in his head, but nonetheless,
He knows that when there’s play to do,
He’ll play his hardest just for you.
He works all day and when he’s done,
He’s ready for some good clean fun.
So when you see him as a Creature,
Say hello; he’s pleased to meet ‘yur.

Greg Kambistch


Papa Gregor Yodel Bird
I enjoy singing, playing and helping.
I walk in the woods.
Climb over everything.
Pluck on the Banjo.
Help people.

Angela Weixel


Angela the Skatey Bird
I like to skatey on my board
I wish to be a pterodactyl someday
But until I’m grown I’ll just dance the night away
My favorite animals are manatees
I love the mountains and the trees
If I’m not climbing or boarding
Theres a chance I’m doodling
or tappy tap dancing
a dancey dance
oh and one day I’d love to go to France

Bryan Jellick


Daddy, Tazzy, Papagei
Sometimes bold sometimes shy
Likes to hike, sing, dance to name few
Would like to someday Bling with you
“Blow up your TV” I am for real
you can do all the things you want to do.


Sarah Weinstock


Seth Josephson

Openheartcreature Drummer extraordanaire!


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