Bully Eraser

“Bully  Eraser~ Love Replacer” Artist Statement

We all fall somewhere on the continuum of gender and sometimes we get hurt. “Bully Eraser” is a collaborative performance of clowning and body puppetry that depicts how we learn traditional gender roles and the consequences of not following them. Both clowning and puppetry are gender neutral; therefore, the audience shows up unarmed with any expectation of how these characters should act. In this powerful space, the clown and the puppet have license to expose the truth that each individual is a unique combination of gender traits that fall somewhere between masculine and feminine. “Bully Eraser” is a challenge to the audience to leave the performance with a shared sense of responsibility to erase bullying behavior not the person through acceptance, friendship, teamwork and empathy. To quote Cheryl Kilodavis, “If you see a Princess Boy…Will you like him for who he is?”


485073_10200524172178007_372421783_n (1)Interactive Performance:

[20 min] Part 1: “The TUDE Revival” is an adaptation of “For Every Woman”

by Nancy R. Smith © 1973.

[20 min] Part 2: “Bully Eraser” is an adaptation of “My Princess Boy”

by Cheryl Kilodavis © 2009.

[20 min] Part 3:   “A WAVE of Inspiration” is a celebration of our shared responsibility to erase bullying behavior through acceptance, friendship, teamwork and empathy.



­-Volunteers: Rachel Rowen, Sarah Grosh, and Abby Nelson (Local Columbus Public School ART teachers & local artists)

-Original music  by local Cincinnati’s children song artist, David Kisor:

“ I GOT THE TUDE ~the attitude of Gratitude”


Performance Schedule 

  • Offspring – CAW Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery 3-22-12
  • Lets Talk About Bullying Broadway United Methodist Church Indianpolis 9-29-12
  • Walk Like Your SELF  Cincinnati Children Museum – 9-18-12
  • Bully Eraser.  Cincnnatii Children Museum 3-3-13
  • Bully Eraser ~ Love Replacer 1pm -2pm performance ~ autitorum.  Columbus Museum of Art ~Columbus City Schools day for families 5-5-13
  • Bully Eraser~ Love Replacer  .  Indianola Informal k-8 school  5-17-13 
  • Bully Eraser~ Love Replacer  .  Columbus Public library Downtown  8-3-13

Click here to learn more about our Bully Eraser Performance at Indianola K-8 http://www.indianolakids.org/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=55&wysijap=subscriptions


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