FUN for the whole family! Please join us for TODAY’S FUN ~Raising Event! “Bully Eraser~ Love Replacer”

969101_10200468615451574_847865445_nFUN ~ Raiser schedule:
4-5pm puppet play and dress up
5-5:30pm short interactive performance by Heidi & Heidi
5:30-6pm food set up and dinner time
6-7pm Q&A dialogue and sharing of stories

YOU and your family are invited !
Please come and help us raise awareness and money for this important “Bully Eraser ~ Love Replacer” performance.
We are throwing a birthday party for Pilgrim, a character in this performance who is 4 years old and loves to dress up in dresses and sparkles! We accept Pilgrim for who he is with no judgement with how he expresses his 4 year old self. Erase gender behavior norms, Erase hate, Erase what is hurtful and replace it with loving kindness.
SING Happy Birthday to Pilgrim
PLAY with the many Body Puppets and hand puppets on display
EAT Pad Thai  by Cafe International. Gluten free, vege, and children options will be served. (with spice on the side)

PARTICIPATE in a short preview performance ending with a
Q & A dialogue sharing with Heidi and Heidi!
HELP erase bully behavior and learn ways to replace it with love behavior.
Pilgrim Princess Boy will accept gifts of money donation to help bring this important project to schools, libaries, and museums everywhere.
If you are unable to contribute to this fund PLEASE come anyways! We love and appreciate all of your many ways of support 🙂
To learn more about this project visit our website
With much Openhearted love,
Mama Heidi Kambitsch

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