2012 inspirational feedback

I am a visual artist. when i do my work, i am usually by myself. I just so happen to be frequently surrounded by musicians , which are really another version of  performing artists. as a regular audience member, i often found myself admiring their craft, but thinking to myself ‘i could never do that’. getting kind of thrown in to an openheart creatures event, i still believed i wasn’t a ‘performer’…that i would simply wear a bird head and go through the motions. however, something happened when i put on a body puppet. i suddenly felt more ME than ever. i felt protected by such a change to my appearance, but still very much present in my own identity. i felt confident enough to let all insecurities go and just feel…whatever i wanted.  openheart creatures can give you a life changing experience. i hope everyone gets that opportunity.

~Courtney Riley


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