We have been taking rides in our art car all over the city, performing at CAW (Creative Art’s of Women) at Fort Hayes High School, where we did a performance about boys and girls and society’s infliction on gender roles. This performance gives me heartfelt goose bumped tears.
On acceptance♥
Artist Statement by Heidi Madsen 
We all fall somewhere on the continuum of gender and sometimes we get hurt. “Offspring” is a collaborative performance of
clowning and body puppetry that depicts how we learn traditional gender roles and the consequences of not following them. Both
clowning and puppetry are gender neutral; therefore, the audience shows up unarmed with any expectation of how these characters
should act. In this powerful space, the clown and the puppet have license to expose the truth that each individual is a unique
combination of gender traits that fall somewhere between masculine and feminine. 
Part 1 “Marriage”, depicts the marrying of the
feminine and the masculine within us as an exchange of love and commitment to be who we are. 
Part 2 “Children”, depicts how the non-conformist offspring of “Marriage” is challenged to play in a conformist world. “Offspring” is a challenge to the audience to
leave the performance with a shared sense of responsibility to end the violence of bullying. To quote Cheryl Kilodavis, “If you see a
Princess Boy…Will you like him for who he is?”
Part 1: “Marriage” is an adaptation of “For Every Woman” by Nancy R. Smith © 1973.
Part 2: “Children” is an adaptation of “My Princess Boy” by Cheryl Kilodavis © 2009.
– Heidi Madsen : Clown & master mind of piece.
– Heidi Kambitsch : Body Puppet & costume designer



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