Bring on the “Blue” in you with a giant smile!

SMILE. It feels good. SMILE a lot. Your face expands.

It spreads your heart apart. From your chest burst laser

beans. Direct connections to another persons smile. I met a

musician at a good friends house concert. She told me that

her 5 year old son has been saying,  lately.

“I am a person!”

As if discovering this fact for the first time.

I am a person with a mouth that smiles. With feet that dance.

With roaring bubble laughter. With eyes that see your eyes

looking at my eyes. I have knees that bend. I have ideas.

I have ears to grow and gray hair to show.  I am a person. BUT

aNd wHen I aM a CreaTuRe

it reminds me that I a person.

Stayed tuned for  an upcoming 2012 event schedule !

We have many good things sprouting from the studio.

Smile it feels good. I smile because of you.

Photo by David Ike copyright@2012
A photographer and a person.


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