Body Puppets are Cheerleaders.

We are body puppets of Columbus cheer leading life’s unplanned moments~ changing play and feeling to here and now ~advertising humanity, empathy, compassion, recycling, growth, and freedom to make believe . In our face everyday there are giant TVs, billboards, radios, and computers that can cloud our imaginations.

Our goal is to create space where there is room in our brains for imagination & permission to be the artist. Through dress up & improv play one can find the pathway to the woods where ever you are. Listen to the land you stand on and your heart. Your passion perspective will awaken.

Come play with us.

Openheartcreatures are body puppets, hand puppets, finger puppets, & interactive paintings designed and created by Heidi Kambitsch. Made out of recycled materials and open hearts.
We perform with dance, play, improv & storytelling using Body Puppets at birthday parities, festivals, parades, holiday events, outdoor concerts and more.
If you would like us to come to your event email


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